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I Dig Dirt!

Lot clearing, grading, gravel driveway repair & construction, excavation, plowing and tilling gardens - I do it all!

Your Georgia Dirt Mover

I like to play in the dirt, and I’ve made a successful career of it. My business, a Girl and her Tractor, is the result of my lifelong love affair with heavy equipment, working outdoors and working hard until the job’s done right.

It all started when workers installed a large pipeline through our backyard on the small farm where I grew up. All kinds of equipment rumbled through the woods as land was cleared, graded, and deep trenches were excavated. Finally the large steel pipe was bent, welded then buried. After school, I often perched on a hill watching and learning - unaware of the impact it would have on my life.

I had amazing parents who helped teach me the value of hard work while making it seem fun. As a child I looked forward to working in the family garden as much as anything else. I spent many afternoons working in the garden preparing rows, planting seeds, weeding and harvesting. I also helped in the garage as much as I was able and learned how to use tools and do many of my own car and motorcycle repairs. (I suppose I was a little tomboy-ish!)

As I grew into adulthood I looked for any excuse to get out of the office on the weekends and work in the dirt, whether gardening in my backyard or volunteering to help drive a backhoe for trail maintenance on biking/hiking paths. After helping a friend create a garden in her backyard one summer, she suggested that I offer my services and hard work to others. In 2009 a Girl and her Tractor was officially launched, and there's been no looking back. I truly love what I do, and I hope I can contribute to the beauty and usability of your property.

Get to know me, if you like, by browsing my job site pictures and reading customer reviews. Or better yet just pick up the phone and text, email or call me. If you need some dirt moved for any kind of project large or small, I can help.


My Customers...

"She did great! She did what she said she would do and on time. We would definitely use her again." Kayla S, Lilburn, GA

"I was very happy with her work, her professionalism, and her timeliness. I've even recommended her to my mom. Thanks Adria for an awesome job!" Nathelia L, Stone Mountain, GA

"She was great. Showed up on time, worked like crazy and did a great job. She was unstoppable." Mitchell H, Alpheretta, GA

More reviews...

Free Estimates

I am glad to offer free estimates in the metro area (see my Contact page for details). You can also snap some pictures and email them along with details of your project.


Depending on the scope of your project, local ordinances may require permits prior to beginning work. I can assist with obtaining necessary permits if needed!


Prior to beginning any ground-engaging project I will contact Georgia 811 for a locate request. This is a free service provided by utility companies to mark buried service lines.


Occasionally I do volunteer work depending on schedule, location and type of project. Contact me with details.


I am available for your news, documentary or other video/audio project. Please contact me with details.

Lawn Prep
Lawn Prep

Yard need some attention? Permanent bare dirt spots? Ready to reseed or lay sod? I can assist with everything from grading and levelling to tilling up hard soil in preparation for seeding or sod. Read more...

Excavator digging stump removal grinding
Stump Grinding

Like the tip of an iceburg, there is more to stump removal than meets the eye. I can permenantly remove entire stumps, rather than grinding off the top layer (which leaves the bulk of the stump to rot underground, causing sinkholes.) Read more...

Garden plowing tilling vegetable crop coop community farm
Garden Prep

Whether you have a small backyard garden or an acre or more of land to plow & till, I can provide initial breaking up of soil - even if you decide to use alternate methods of planting in the future. I am also available to help you with soil management, irrigation, cover crops and more. Read more...

Rolloff containers roll off cans for debris and brush removal
Debris Removal

Some projects require hauling off debris from lot clearing, stump removal, demolition, or buried trash cleanup. I can assist in providing the appropriate sized roll-off container in addition to other services needed for your project. Read more...

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