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What my customers are saying...

Adria was extremely professional, great to work with, and did an incredible job. My husband hates hiring people to do work around the house, because few times will they do things as good or better than he would have done himself. She is certainly the exception.

The Walkers, Atlanta, GA

It went very well. Adrya was responsive, worked with us to stay in the range we wanted to spend and did a good job.

Jean R, Decatur, GA

I called Adria and described the project. She came out, took a look, and gave me a quote. I agreed to the price, and she came out on Saturday morning to do the work. She excavated the area to make room for the wall, and she smoothed out another part of my lot where I want to put down paving stones. Everything went very smoothly.

Michael H, Atlanta, GA

Had an overgrown right of way. It was horrible. Contacted AGAHT and Adria was prompt, communicative, hard working and honest. The brush was removed, the ground tilled and prepped perfectly. Prce was very fair. I would hire her again in a heartbeat if I had any additional work.

Earl O, Lithonia, GA

Recent severe rainstorms left ruts about a foot wide and 2 feet deep down our gravel driveway, plus dumped a large part of the gravel in a large pile at the bottom of the hill. A girl and her tractor gave us good advice about a better type of stone to use, made arrangements to have it delivered by another vendor, negotiated the price for the stone downward with that vendor, spread the stone evenly, and left us with a beautiful gravel driveway. She also mowed large areas along each side of the driveway with her bushhog. We were very pleased with her work and look forward to using her for other projects in the future. We have previously had similar work done. The project this time was bigger (due to the storm damage) and she provided more extensive services than other service providers have provided for the same fee.

Georgia L, Stone Mountain, GA

Awesome job overall, and when I complete my additional retaining walls in the near future I will have her come back and do more work for me. I have recommended her to several friends and neighbors who also need grading work.

R. Bensyl, Tucker, GA

I found the contractor's website on Craigslist and sent her an email on a Sunday afternoon asking when she could come out to give me a quote. She responded within two hours and made arrangements to come out that same day. She talked with us for about an hour, surveyed the property and took pictures. She asked questions to clarify that she understood what we wanted and gave us input where we sought it. A day later, she sent us a written quote, which was extremely reasonable and far less than others had bid for the job. She even offered to negotiate if we thought the price too steep. We made the decision to contract with her a few days later and immediately made arrangements for the time. She offered us several choices and let us know up front when she would be unavailable. We signed the contract and set up the dates and discussed rain out dates as well. In the mean time, we had a number of questions that required guidance from an expert. She answered our questions patiently and gave us good advice. Several days before, she contacted us to finalize the days/time she would be there and let us know the sequence of events. On the scheduled day, she arrived on time and ready to work. She checked with us frequently to make sure she was doing what we wanted. Before leaving, we agreed upon the start time of the next day's work. She later emailed us back and offered to come earlier if it would work better for us. On the second day, we encountered pouring rain, but she showed up anyway to see what she could get done. When the rain became too challenging, we made arrangements for the following weekend. On the following weekend, she again showed up on time and got to work right away. Once she completed her work, she made sure we were happy with her work and let us know that she would provide touch ups if needed, at no charge. In all, it was a stellar experience. I was concerned at first about hiring someone straight off the Internet, but my fears were quickly assuaged. She was extremely professional, helpful and hard working. She responded to our questions with confidence and gave us good advice/input. Her work was outstanding, rivaling that of larger land grading companies and we are very happy! We will definitely hire her again for any future work we have.

Melissa M., Decatur, GA

Would use Adria again in a heartbeat. She followed up with me several times due to the weather being so unpredictable (something you don't get most people to do on small jobs). She was professional, courteous and went above and beyond. Thanks.

Marc R, Atlanta, GA

My backyard was overgrown with a rusting fence and ivy. Adria cleared the space and put in a bunch of gravel for us to park on. Our yard now looks 3 times the size it did. She did more work than we expected. The work was quick, professional, and very inexpensive. We would definitely use her services again and recommend her to others.

Deactur, GA

She did great! She did what she said she would do and on time. We would definitely use her again."

Kayla S, Lilburn, GA

"I was very happy with her work, her professionalism, and her timeliness. I've even recommended her to my mom. Thanks Adria for an awesome job!" Nathelia L, Stone Mountain, GA

"She was great. Showed up on time, worked like crazy and did a great job. She was unstoppable." Mitchell H, Alpheretta, GA

Lawn Prep
Lawn Prep

Yard need some attention? Permanent bare dirt spots? Ready to reseed or lay sod? I can assist with everything from grading and levelling to tilling up hard soil in preparation for seeding or sod. Read more...

Excavator digging stump removal grinding
Stump Grinding

Like the tip of an iceburg, there is more to stump removal than meets the eye. I can permenantly remove entire stumps, rather than grinding off the top layer (which leaves the bulk of the stump to rot underground, causing sinkholes.) Read more...

Garden plowing tilling vegetable crop coop community farm
Garden Prep

Whether you have a small backyard garden or an acre or more of land to plow & till, I can provide initial breaking up of soil - even if you decide to use alternate methods of planting in the future. I am also available to help you with soil management, irrigation, cover crops and more. Read more...

Rolloff containers roll off cans for debris and brush removal
Debris Removal

Some projects require hauling off debris from lot clearing, stump removal, demolition, or buried trash cleanup. I can assist in providing the appropriate sized roll-off container in addition to other services needed for your project. Read more...

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