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Where I Go

a Girl and her Tractor serves all of Metro Atlanta including: .

  • Decatur
  • Stone Mountain
  • Tucker
  • Ellenwood
  • Forest Park
  • Riverdale
  • East Point
  • Grove Park
  • West End
  • Smyrna
  • Sandy Springs
  • Dunwoody
Rural Georgia

Have some clearing to do in the country? No problem - I am mobile!

What I Do

a Girl and her Tractor is experienced, detail oriented, and diligent. Below are some of the services I offer.

Whole Stump Removal and Land Clearing

Lot clearing, trees, brush, kudzu, wisteria, trash, site, agricultural, residental, construction

  • Stump Removal
  • Backyards & Residential
    • Entire stump removal prior to foundation or driveway installation
    • Cleanup of overgrown brush
    • Removal of full stump for grading and leveling of yards (I remove the entire stump, where stump grinders only shave off the top 10-12", leaving most of the stump still buried in the ground)
  • Large tracts
    • Clear site for new house construction
    • Clear tract for pasture or crops

Gravel Driveway Installation and Repair

Gravel, crushed stone driveway installation and repair

  • New Gravel Driveway Installation
    • Clearing site of trees, stumps, brush and topsoil
    • Cement, steel or plastic culvert installation
    • Adding and compacting fill dirt as needed
    • Spreading crushed stone
    • Stormwater management & erosion control
  • Gravel Driveway Repair & Maintenance
    • Smoothing existing gravel driveway
    • Leveling lumpy, pothole filled gravel drive
    • Adding new gravel as needed
    • Stormwater management & erosion control

Grading & Bobcat Work

Lot clearing, trees, brush, kudzu, wisteria, trash, site, agricultural, residental, construction

  • Driveway & Gravel
    • Gravel driveway repair & construction
    • New gravel or natural driveways & roads
    • Prep driveway or path for concrete or asphalt paving
  • Yard & Garden
    • Level uneven yard
    • Spread topsoil & amendments
    • Spread gravel & stone
    • Smooth yard prior to seeding or sodding
    • Stormwater management & erosion control

Excavation & Trenching

Excavation, trenching, koi, ponds, backyard, water features, pipe laying, sewer line repair, foundations, ditching, irrigation

  • Stump Removal
  • French drains & stormwater management
  • Ponds
  • Trampoline Pits
  • Ditch digging

Urban Agriculture & Lawn Prep

Deep plowing, roto-tilling, cultivating, seed, vegetable, community gardens, victory garden, disc harrow, bottom plow, tractor, farm, urban


Demolition, burned out houses, condemned, falling down, barns, sheds, debris, removal

  • Demolish and remove structures such as old or burned houses, barns and sheds
  • Lot clearing for new home construction
  • Debris removal

Lawn Prep
Lawn Prep

Yard need some attention? Permanent bare dirt spots? Ready to reseed or lay sod? I can assist with everything from grading and levelling to tilling up hard soil in preparation for seeding or sod. Read more...

Excavator digging stump removal grinding
Stump Grinding

Like the tip of an iceburg, there is more to stump removal than meets the eye. I can permenantly remove entire stumps, rather than grinding off the top layer (which leaves the bulk of the stump to rot underground, causing sinkholes.) Read more...

Garden plowing tilling vegetable crop coop community farm
Garden Prep

Whether you have a small backyard garden or an acre or more of land to plow & till, I can provide initial breaking up of soil - even if you decide to use alternate methods of planting in the future. I am also available to help you with soil management, irrigation, cover crops and more. Read more...

Rolloff containers roll off cans for debris and brush removal
Debris Removal

Some projects require hauling off debris from lot clearing, stump removal, demolition, or buried trash cleanup. I can assist in providing the appropriate sized roll-off container in addition to other services needed for your project. Read more...

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